Alison Craig Talks About Six Steps to Workplace Happiness

Every business is or should be looking at the best methods to help their staff enjoy their work more. Happier people are more productive, look forward to the day ahead and hopefully this feeling then spreads through home, friends and community.

Can it all be boiled down to Six Steps to Workplace Happiness?

A recent guest on The Business was Alison Craig who achieved high levels of operational success at John Lewis before specialising in their people development. She went on to found founding Alison Craig Coaching Ltd in 2013, focusing on leadership development and employee engagement working with SMEs and large corporate companies.

Alison is delighted to have recently teamed up with Lord Mark Price at EngagingWorks to “make the world a little happier and a bit more decent”.

The Business is hosted every Thursday evening by Xan Phillips, who by day is Marketing Director of RocketTech. He has been broadcasting since 2000 on a variety of radio stations and been with 103.9 Voice FM since 2011.

If you have a company that would like to reach listeners in Southampton then contact him using this form. You can be a guest on the show or make use of their competitive advertising rates.

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