Google Expand Their PPC Text Ads

With quite a dramatic change, the recent good news from Google is that have made their text adverts bigger: Longer headlines More words URLs have more characters. You can see the differences below: New Desktop Size New Mobile Size How Does This Affect Your Business? More good news. Early reports indicate an increase in clickthrough […]

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How To Make Your Website Faster

You may have heard that Google are obsessed with speed. You’d be right. They have a need, a need for speed! Since 2010 speed has been a major factor in their search algorithm. Speeding up websites is important, not just to site owners, but to all internet users. Faster sites create happy users and we’ve […]

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Why Can’t I See my Adverts on Google Search?

You’ve setup your campaign in Google Adwords, added your daily budget, set the ball rolling and then you search on Google and your adverts are not showing up! Don’t worry, that’s quite normal, especially if this is your first time using Google Adwords. There are a variety of reason why your adverts are not appearing […]

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