Resist Facebook’s Boost Button

One person at Facebook who needs a massive Christmas bonus is the genius who invented the boost button.

If ever there was a simpler way of taking money from businesses without aiding them, then the boost button lays that golden egg.

So simple to use: yet so ineffective.

It’s similar to standing on the roof of a full football stadium with 30,000 flyers and throwing them to the crowd below, expecting to make a sale or generate a lead.

Now imagine standing at the turnstiles as the crowd leaves, handing flyers to the individuals that match your target audience and ignoring those who don’t. Does that sound more effective?

RocketTech can help you achieve that type of close contact targeting, and then analyse the results so that you can have clarity on the performance of your investment.

The report will be honest, concise and give recommendations for the next steps.

Online advertising can seem like a risky thing to do, so is it a wise investment? Well, if you are happy to press the boost button without thinking then you are already taking a gamble. Why not try a considered approach?

When handled correctly online adverting can be a great investment; the aim is to reach a stage where you know if you invest ‘x’ amount in your advertising you will get ‘y’ returns.

Is there a catch? No, but be prepared to experiment.

Are there any stipulations? Yes.

Your website will need to be set up for tracking using the Facebook Pixel. You’ll also need Google Analytics and a couple of other tools to make the tracking effective.

If you don’t know if you have these, or are no longer working with the company that built your website, RocketTech will provide all the assistance you require.

In 2018 make one of your resolutions to not press boost without building an audience first.

Contact Xan Phillips at RocketTech today and let’s get the ball rolling. Or book a call back below…

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