Make Every Lead Count

Your website is a potential money making machine, a sales person that never sleeps, but to make it as effective as possible you need to ensure that every action, every lead, is tracked.

When it comes to lead generation the one action that is essential to track on a website is telephone calls.
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You have two options for tracking telephone calls from your website.

Option 1:

Ask everyone who telephones your office where they found your number. Then write the results down in a spreadsheet, analyse the performance of your advertising campaigns at the end of the month.

Option 2:

Automatically track the telephone calls from your website, see the results in an online report updated every 24 hrs, judge the effectiveness of your campaigns at the end of every week and see how much revenue leads from your website generated.

If Option 2 is your preferred solution then book a call back.

These are the types of questions you should be asking RocketTech.

  • How can you measure lead generation revenue in a live report?
  • Will you need to redevelop our website?
  • What will happen to our telephone number?
  • Can you track offline advertising with the same system?
  • Will this disrupt our internal systems?
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“RocketTech have focused their efforts on improving our lead quality and the results have been impressive.”

Captain Mike Burns / Managing Director / Atlas Helicopters