Reach a new audience.
Tell them your story!

Deliver the right message to the person who wants your product or service and you have a lead with great potential. You then tell them your story, engage with their reaction, whilst serving them well and that lead becomes a loyal customer. Here is how we can help you achieve that goal.

Marketing in Hampshire with RocketTech

Automated Marketing

Email Marketing, Dynamic Content, Phone Call Tracking

Adding a professional touch to your mailing lists and newsletters, tracking telephone calls and their source, injecting dynamic content into your website is achievable if you have the capacity. However, this is a time-consuming process, especially when the volume of website traffic rises after you’ve switched on an advertising campaign. As its name suggest ‘Automated Marketing’ delivers a quick, professional response that is triggered by actions you set up and aims to turn prospects into leads. This site uses all the techniques mentioned, book an online demo here.

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Content Creation

Blogs, landing pages, email newsletters, SEO

No one knows your business better than you but do you have the time to “tell the story” on blogs, landing pages, email newsletters while optimising your website’s pages to make them search engine friendly? This is where RocketTech can help you save time and add richness to your website. By learning about your business and building up a good working knowledge, we can provide content that only requires your expert eye to refine. Your time can be saved and your customers and prospective clients get the best picture possible about your business.

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Content Creation

Social Media

Social Media

Content plans, creative, scheduling, response, training, community management

“A growing part of your customer relations department!” That would be the best way of thinking about social media. With a plan and great content it can be used for marketing and delivering your message, however, more and more customers and leads are using it as a method of directly communicating with a business, because they expect someone to provide a quick answer to a question or a problem.

How you engage with your followers and maintain this community, sets the tone of your current and future relationships. We can help you manage this communication channel, book a free consultation here.
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YouTube, podcasts, TV and radio advertising

With YouTube becoming as bigger a search engine as Google have you thought of running adverts on it? Or even building your own YouTube channel? With podcasting and listening to audio becoming more popular have you thought of making a series of interviews explaining how your business operates? Whether it is radio adverts or a mini-documentary about your company we can provide with your expert guidance and the right team to reach new leads for your business. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Media content


To measure the effectiveness of your marketing we track everything, even the telephone calls generated by your website.


Can visitor actions be improved? Yes, is the answer. Whether it is more leads or more sales, testing provides the solution.


When a test is successful your website’s page, function or application is improved and we start tracking the results.

We can improve your business online

Finding Customers

Building your audience, while understanding their habits, so that your return on investment is continually improved. Learn more…

Improving Your Website

By re-tuning your current website to convert more visitors, or delivering a brand new solution one step ahead of your competition. Learn more…

Continuously Improving

Track, test and improve your online performance on a monthly basis and raise the quality your customer’s experience. Learn more…

Keeping Your Customers

A customer is for life and not just for one sale. Nurture and engage with your audience and make them part of your story. Learn more…

“RocketTech have focused their efforts on improving our lead quality and the results have been impressive.”

Captain Mike Burns / Managing Director / Atlas Helicopters