PPC Management

Grow your market share whilst achieving an optimised return on investment from paid advertising campaigns. This is accomplished by combining data-driven decisions, cutting edge ad-tech and creative talent. Whether you want a brand new advertising campaign, or would like to transfer the management of your current one, Hampshire based RocketTech can help you reach new leads.
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Keywords, Competitors, Industry

For an effective advertising campaign, analysis of your industry and an understanding of your profession is essential for success. It’s also important to speak the same language as your potential customers, understand their pain points and how they search. We also take a look at your competitors and assess their online activities along with their brand and services.

This helps us position your business in the field and will make you stand out from the rest.

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Performance, Strengths, Weaknesses & Opportunities

If you have an existing paid advertising account your historical data will be studied the performance analysed as we would with our current accounts. However, your rich vein of data helps us understand which adverts worked for you and which were lackluster. In this phase, we highlight the weak spots, such as the advert’s copy or the actual landing pages and report back on the opportunities. If you then want us to take over the management of your business.


Tracking PPC Campaign

Account Setup

Structure, Strategy, Ad Groups, Keywords & Tracking

Your initial campaign is built according to the analysis and/or audit phases using either historical data or keyword research. Defining and setting up tracking on your website is the most important part of this phase, because these are the indicators that show where the advertising efforts are advancing your business goals. Call tracking is essential. If your telephone number is on the website how will you know it was generated by your advertising? We can help, read more information about Marketing Automation or give us a call!

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Copywriting, Images Ads & Video

Having the best, most compelling advert is a goal that is pursued constantly. Either creating completely new ads from scratch or optimising existing adverts, it’s one of our recurring activities and ensures that your message is always relevant to potential customers. This applies to the extra elements such as the display url, headings, descriptions, images and banners for the display network.




Bidding, Budgeting & Copywriting

Not only is online advertising a bidding process it is also time consuming. It’s possible for you to run your business’ campaign but at some point you’ll find customers and other pressures eat into your schedule. That is where our expertise comes in. We’ll take nurture your account and make sure that you get the biggest bang for your media budget, while reporting on where we spotted opportunities.

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Strategic Documents & Automated Reports

We prefer clarity and transparency. Our most successful customers liaise with us on a regular basis; we like having a tight relationship with them. That relationship is supported by the reports. We will not bog you down with the nitty gritty details, but you will be made aware of the state and direction of the paid campaigns that revolve around your business goals. Our reports are coherent and give you the information you need. Even if you take our automated report package, we will ensure you understand the data your are receiving.

PPC Reporting

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Creative Brief, Targeting, Management, UTM Tracking & Reporting

Placing adverts on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn is a different breed of advertising. Mostly effective for brand awareness campaigns it is an extremely powerful method of making new users familiar with your brand. It needs a higher management time than other platforms plus you must be active on social media to capitalise on the new traffic.

Shopping Feed

Feed Optimisation, Setup, Structure & Bidding

A shopping feed straight into Google Search is mandatory for an e-commerce business. Nothing comes close to it in terms of revenue. One of the most powerful tools in Google’s advertising arsenal, it needs a different management approach and relies on the content and structure of your website.

Shopping Feed

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To measure the effectiveness of your marketing we track everything, even the telephone calls generated by your website.


Can visitor actions be improved? Yes, is the answer. Whether it is more leads or more sales, testing provides the solution.


When a test is successful your website’s page, function or application is improved and we start tracking the results.

We can improve your business online

Finding Customers

Building your audience, while understanding their habits, so that your return on investment is continually improved. Learn more…

Improving Your Website

By re-tuning your current website to convert more visitors, or delivering a brand new solution one step ahead of your competition. Learn more…

Continuously Improving

Track, test and improve your online performance on a monthly basis and raise the quality your customer’s experience. Learn more…

Keeping Your Customers

A customer is for life and not just for one sale. Nurture and engage with your audience and make them part of your story. Learn more…

“RocketTech have focused their efforts on improving our lead quality and the results have been impressive.”

Captain Mike Burns / Managing Director / Atlas Helicopters