For companies that don’t have a marketing department, or have a marketing manager that needs extra pairs of hands and eyes, a digital agency provides higher levels of expertise and awareness of current trends without the need of extra staff.

An “ideal” digital agency works with you to improve your goals and targets while keeping your advertising budget as effective as possible.

The main areas you should expect such an agency to cover are:

  • Reporting on media spend
  • Finding you better audiences (wider or more specific)
  • Generate more leads
  • Educating
  • Optimising (website & campaigns)

Below we go into detail if any of these aspects are relevant to your needs why not call RocketTech today on 01329 448234 to see if they could improve your business online.

Reporting on Media Spend

Whatever marketing is deployed on your company’s behalf you have to understand the effect and the results. You need a report. Monthly if possible.

A report shouldn’t be what you want to hear, but what you need to know. It will provide insights to your digital campaigns and performance but also highlight the problems, especially when campaigns aren’t successful.

What they shouldn’t be is a pile of data with no discussion or explanation.

Advances with new tools like Google’s Data Studio have made reporting much simpler, yet more productive, while allowing the client to see a live report every day.

These reports are online, connect with Google Analytics and Adwords, adjustable by date and updated daily, your “ideal” digital agency should be using these.

If your agency is giving you a report and then walking away, you need to either get them to explain everything or find someone who can.

The report should contain details about activities below, such as:

Audience Building (segmenting)

The aim with audience building is to segment your website visitors into relevant groups to pinpoint the people likely to interact with your business or brand.

If you already know who your audience is then you’re halfway there, but if you don’t all it will take is an analysis of who you want to reach and the best place to find them online. Will it be on Google Search? Social media? Or both?

If the general knowledge about your audience is lacking the ideal agency will assess your current data and statistics and then recommend places to start looking.

Advertising campaigns will develop a broad picture of your audience and from that your agency can segment based on potential. Depending on the advertising platform, you can divide by age, gender, location, likes and technology i.e mobile or desktop.

Generate More Leads

You’ve found your audience but how are they reacting with your website and your message? This activity is revealed by insights and reporting based on website statistics, which then mould the website around your visitors’ actions.

Your agency’s role is to create a funnel from ad impression to the thank you page. During this journey the brand identity and messages need to be consistent and aligned around the prospect. So from the user’s POV it’s a single journey.

But remember, your website is never finished, it has to evolve with your audience. Analysis provides the clues and testing the answers. The results are either a positive outcome or one that should be improved.

In this way you generate more leads and sales.

Educating the Client

The quicker the client understands the above concepts, tactics and analysis the better for both sides. Not only will meetings be shorter but the client’s new knowledge will bring clarity to how they approach planning their business’ direction.

A good example can be seen when the concept of Search Impression Share of the PPC campaigns is grasped.

We first need to teach our customers about some of the basic metrics (impressions, clicks, CTR, etc.) and then mechanics (bidding, Quality Score, etc.) in order to get them up to speed to understand what that key indicator tells them.

The learning curve is steep but in our experience, it’s one of the most fruitful investments of time and energy as it helps communication tremendously.

Optimising (website & campaigns)

Like some athletes who need to shave to shave seconds off their time, your digital agency needs to be constantly looking for areas where performance improvements can be made. The continuous cycle of analysis, testing and reporting maintains the goal of optimisation.

From reducing the load time of websites to increasing the conversion rate on lead generation or ecommerce websites, the aim is to consistently look at the statistics, reach goals and set bigger targets.

Can all of this be achieved month on month? To a degree, yes. It all depends on how much budget you are willing to invest and the relationship you want to form with the agency.

And maybe the relationship is the most important aspect. Above all you have to get on, there has to be a level of trust, where both sides can ask the tough questions without it turning sour.

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