Your business will get many telephone calls during the day but do you want your team to be constantly asking where the caller found the number?

Call tracking from websites not only provides valuable data but also reveals habits of the customers and shows where business practices can be improved.

In this example you can see October’s data from an SME and how many telephone leads are being generated by the website.

Days of the Week – What do we Learn?

Days of the Week - What do we Learn?

The call tracking data reveals that weekends are an important source of enquiries from the website and the telephone system and staffing has to be improved to match customers’ expectations.

To help smaller companies, or those with fewer staff, the system has Advanced Call Forwarding which allows the caller to be sent to the first available number. If the business doesn’t want to lose valuable customers this helps captures leads.

Hours of the Day – What do we Learn?

Hours of the Day - What do we Learn?

More data crunching is required to make total sense of these figures, especially as the weekends are also busy, however from this data you can extract that noon is not the time to send staff on lunch. Also 3pm seems to be a very potent hour.

This type of data is valuable for SMEs as they can match it against their own records, especially if calls outside office hours are going to voicemail. These are the questions RocketTech would be asking the business:

  • How effective is the online advertising for generating calls?
  • Are potential leads dropped by having a poor message system?
  • Should an answering service be engaged to handle these calls?

Is Website Call Tracking for You?

If telephone leads are an important part of your business then the answer is yes. If they are not then ask yourself “Could they be?”

Your website might not be set up to prompt people to call, imagine if it was, could you be generating more leads from your website without doing anything?

One advantage RocketTech can bring is attributing a sale against a telephone number and feeding that back into your analytics. This joins the circle of your online marketing and potentially improves the return on your investment and reveals where resources can be better placed.

Order a call back from RocketTech and ask them some of these questions:

  • Can you get me the same about of telephone calls as the company above?
  • Is it easy to set up telephone tracking on my website?
  • How expensive is telephone tracking?
  • Why is your telephone tracking better than other companies?
  • Can I record the telephone conversations for training?
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